Project Kick Off: What is a Deep Energy Retrofit?

Image: Adding exterior insulation in a Deep Energy Retrofit. Source: 4 Elements Integrated Design Ltd.

What is a DER?

A stack of new windows lay against a fence.
Image: Replacement and upgrade of multiple windows. Source: 4 Elements Integrated Design Ltd.
Three wires on a roof, with a conduit going down the side of an unfinished building.
Image: Adding a solar conduit for a future solar photovoltaic system installation. Source: 4 Elements Integrated Design Ltd.
Table: Inadequate ventilation: limited or no exhaust or fresh air supply. Code Required in 1990’s. Spillage susceptible mechanical equipment causing carbon monoxide poisoning risk. Code Required in 2010’s.  Single and double pane windows susceptible to frosting and water damage. Code Required in 2020’s.  R11 walls with poor air sealing, increasing energy costs and carbon emissions. Code Required R14 in 1980’s , code Required R17.5 in 2010’s.
Table of examples from our three case study homes built between 1950 and 60’s.
Table: Code requirement for Ceiling insulation: R60 Net zero requirement for Ceiling insulation: R80.
 Code requirement for Wall insulation: R17.5. Net zero requirement for Wall insulation: R27 to 35.
 Code requirement for Furnaces: 92%. Net zero requirement for Efficient Heatpumps: 300% Efficient.
 Code requirement for Double Glazed Windows: 1.6 U-Value. Net zero requirement for Triple Glazed Windows: 0.95 U-Value.
Table of code requirements vs Net Zero requirements.



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